Provo Missionary Training Center

General Information

The MTC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Full-time and some part-time positions are posted on Most MTC, non-teaching positions available to BYU students (such as custodial, grounds, dining, and other support positions) are posted on

Generally, teaching positions are not posted online; applicants for these positions may apply any time of year. Supervisors select from the existing applicant pool to determine who to interview.

Apply Online to Teach at the MTC

To apply to teach at the Missionary Training Center, click Online Teacher Application. All the information necessary to apply for a teaching position is within that application. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

For any problems with the online teacher application, please contact MTC Human Resources/Employment at 801-422-4198.

Policies Concerning Employment at the MTC

Employees of the Missionary Training Center are to uphold the standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Brigham Young University and are to live worthy of a temple recommend.

Most MTC jobs require employees to dress in missionary attire while working at the MTC. Please refer to the dress and grooming guidelines for missionaries, as described on for details. In general, men wear suits or dress slacks in conservative colors, white shirts, ties, and dress shoes. Women wear suits, dresses, skirts or slacks, and blouses and or sweaters that are colorful, tailored to fit well, and professional in style. Skirts and dresses should fully cover the knee in front and back when standing and sitting. Women’s shoes should be dressy with closed-toe and heel. Hairstyles are missionary standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers may be hired at any time throughout the year. However, the majority of openings for teachers come before the beginning of BYU semesters. Plenty of time should be allowed for the application process.

Teacher applications are kept active for one year from the time a rating session is completed.

Since the MTC is part of BYU, BYU student applicants are given first preference in the selection of MTC teachers. However, non-BYU students may be hired, if needs exist that cannot be filled by BYU students.

Generally, BYU students may work up to 20 hours/week during fall and winter semesters and up to 40 hours/week, as assigned by their supervisors, during spring and summer. Generally, international students may work up to, but not exceed, 20 hours/week. When international students are on their approved break, they may work up to 40 hours/week, as assigned by their supervisors. For additional questions, please contact MTC Human Resources at 801-422-4198.

BYU and ESL international students with the proper visa status and the required number of credits are eligible to work at the MTC. They must follow working hours and hiring procedures according to U.S. Immigration Law.