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Volunteer Opportunities

The MTC needs hundreds of volunteers for different tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you will need to fill out an application. On your application you will be asked to fill out your interests, language skills, other skills, and availability.

When a position becomes available, a representative from the MTC will contact you.

To submit an application please go here.

Senior Missionary Opportunities

For more information about senior missionary opportunities, go here.

Church Service Missionaries

Qualifications to become a Church Service Missionary:

  • Be temple worthy
  • Serve a minimum of 8 hours per week (an assignment that is less than 8 hours per week is classified as a volunteer assignment)
  • Be able to serve for 6–24 months as called (extensions may be approved)
  • Live at home while serving
  • Have sufficient physical, mental, and emotional health to fulfill your assignment
  • Be financially self-sufficient. This includes being responsible for your own living expenses, transportation, insurance, medical and dental expenses
  • Have no minor children living at home

Church Service Missionaries are encouraged to serve in ward or stake callings at the discretion of their local leaders (as long as their additional duties do not interfere with Church service missionary assignments).

For more information on Church Service Missionaries, visit  this FAQ page.

To become a Church Service Missionary at the MTC, please call the Church Service Missionary Coordinators at (801) 422-4567.